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Welcome to ZINETI´s website, we are specialists in protection against corrosion (oriented to sacrificial anodes). Our products cover all sorts of Cathodic protection needs that you may have. The website was created as a useful, intuitive and up-to-date tool where you can find all our products, from leisure boats anodes to special ones. There is an option of downloading the catalogs in pdf format in the company section. All our zinc and aluminum anodes are manufactured in Spain with certified high-purity materials, which guarantees their quality and standards. We invite you to browse our website to get to know us better and discover the wide range of solutions we offer to solve corrosion problems.

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Dear client: Let us improve in order to give you a better service!!! If you wish to make any comments about our products, website or any other issue related to our company, kindly feel free to contact us, using any of the means at your disposal. The easiest way is fill this form and telling us the reason of you query, and we will answer as soon as possible. Otherwise you can email us to

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Zineti is located in close proximity to the international airport of Bilbao (Loiu), with easy Access to the motorway A-8, exit Asua-Zamudio. You can also arrive via the Txorierri motorway, direction Munguia, exit Larrondo (exit 16). At the roundabout take the 1st exit - Larrondo - to enter the industrial area. Show map.


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9.72 kWp photovoltaic installation composed of 24 405 Wp photovoltaic modules from the manufacturer JA Solar. The photovoltaic fieldIt is connected to a three-phase Huawei inverter of 10 kW nominal power. The photovoltaic system has storage equipmentof 10kWh that helps improve the installation's self-consumption ratio. It is estimated that this installation will generate 9,687.38 k

proteccion catodica de zinc

In our constant continuous improvement, we have implemented a new labeling system to make it easier for our customers to locate and provide information on the anodes in their respective orders.These new identification labels contain the following information, product reference, description, units, EAN barcode, order number and image of the item.

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1. Density of the current: The electrochemical and mechanical conditions have a huge influence on the design process of the Cathodic Protection systems. Other conditions to consider are the temperature, the salinity, resistance to the oxygen dissolution,… The Cathodic Protection system´s specifications are generally expressed by the required current density to ...

sacrificial anode corrosion protection

The most common ways to protect an embedded or underwater structure are: -          By applying a correct painting scheme -          By the use of Cathodic protection o   With sacrificial anodes o   With impressed currents -    ...

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