1.       Company Details

 In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, find below the identifying details of the company

Name: ZINETI, S.A.U.

Nif / Cif: A-95611018

Registered Address: Larrondo Beheko Etorbidea - Edificio 3 - Nave P-4, 48180, Loiu, VIZCAYA


2.       Intellectual Property

 The code, graphic design, images, photographs, sound, animations, software, texts and information and contents that appear in this website are protected by Spanish laws on Intellectual Property rights for ZINETI S.A.U. and the reproduction, publication (complete or excerpted), distribution, spreading, modification, transformation, decompilation, data processing (or any other rights legally on the author's side) of the website is forbidden without previous and written authorization of ZINETI S.A.U.. The user may only use the material on this website for private and personal use: commercial or illegal uses for these materials are forbidden. All the rights derived from the intellectual property are copyright of ZINETI S.A.U..

ZINETI, S.A.U. will ensure the fulfilment of all previous conditions as for the proper use of the contents portrayed in their websites, calling all civil and legal actions that may become necessary in case the user breaks or ignores these rights.


3. Private data protection

Under the current law about Personal Data Protection (as in Ley Orgánica 15/1999 , December 13th) whose objective is to guarantee and protect the liberties and fundamental rights of physical persons (specially their privacy) in the treatment of personal data, ZINETI S.A.U. ensures that the data given in this website will be treated as stated in the current laws about Personal Data Protection.

In accordance to the organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December on personal data protection, the user gives his or her express consent for including the details in the commercial file, which is property of ZINETI S.A.U., with registered address in Poligono Larrondo Beheko Etorbidea Edif. 3, Parcela P4, 48180 Loiu (Vizcaya), in order to obtain commercial information from ZINETI S.A.U. that might be of your interest.

In any case and at any time, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under the terms of the LO. 15/1999, from 13th December, by means of a written request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


4. Others

A.      ZINETI, S.A.U. does not use cookies that may be kept in your computer. Cookies are little files that our computers send to yours but they don't give us any information about your name or any other personal data. When browsing our site our server registers your IP address, date and hour in which your visit starts and end and information about the sections you visit. Our server needs to know this data to communicate and send the requesting so your internet browser can display the information.   

B.      ZINETI, S.A.U. may modify without previous notification the information in this website as well as its configuration and

C.      ZINETI, S.A.U. ensures that the company won't be carrying out any MISLEADING ADVERTISING. According to this, any formal or numeric errors that you may find while browsing ZINETI S.A.U. (consequence of incomplete or erroneous maintenance or actualization of the information) won't be considered deceptive advertising. ZINETI S.A.U., as a consequence of what's exposed in this paragraph, will make sure these problems are solved as soon as they're known.

D.      ZINETI, S.A.U.ensures that the company won't be sending any COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS without IDENTIFYING THEM as regarded in the 34/2002 Law about Services of Information Society and Electronic Business. Any information sent to ZINETI S.A.U. users that implies maintenance of their business relationships as well as for informative or formative tasks and other activities inherent to the services the user has hired with the company won't be regarded as commercial communication.

E.       ZINETI, S.A.U.won't be held responsible for any non-compliance of the applicable laws in which the user may incur when accessing the website and the information on it.

F.       ZINETI, S.A.U. won't be held responsible for the damage that may be consequence (whatever it's nature is) of the use of the information, material or programs in this website. Links and hypertext that allow the user to access third party sites from ours do not belong or are under ZINETI S.A.U.´s control: our entity is not responsible of the information in them and the effects that may be consequence of their use.

G.     ZINETI, S.A.U. won't be held responsible for the illegitimate use that third persons may make out from the names of brands, products and registered commercial brands that, not being property of this entity, appear on this website. The company won't be held responsible for any lack of integrity, legality or truthfulness in the contents of the linked sites either.

H.      Definitely, the user is the only one responsible of the use of the services, contents, links and hypertexts on this website.

Larrondo Beheko Etorbidea
Edificio 3 - Nave P-4
48180 - Loiu (Vizcaya) - España

43º17'33''N 2º54'46'' W
+34 944 53 59 16
+34 944 53 61 49
Web: www.zineti.com
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